Meraki is a Greek word and means to work with a lot of soul, passion and love. For me it is exactly what I feel when creating my art. Meraki Atelier represents a contemporary, minimalist and abstract style and my color palette reflects the aesthetic and calming tones of nature.


Hi. I'm Melina, 27 years old and living in Cologne, Germany. 2020 was a tough year for me. During C I developed anxiety disorders. Art helped me a lot during this time to take my mind off things, to let my emotions run free and to feel inner peace. So in 2021 I fulfilled my dream of founding my own art studio. I want to inspire people with my work and bring calm and relaxation into every room. I am mainly inspired by nature. Far away from crowds and constant consumption, I can gather most of my energy in her.

"As an artist and designer, I want to convey emotions, awaken desires and create spaces that are unique."

Interested in commissioned work?

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